Meet the Piggies: Truffle


Name: Truffle
Age: 9 months old
Weight: 953 grams/ 2lbs, 1.6 oz
Description: tricolored English Crested with patches of golden agouti, brown, and white. Has a white ring of fur that wraps halfway around her middle

Meet the Piggies: Belka


Name: Belka. Russian for "squirrel"
Age: 9 months old
Weight: 1000 grams/ 2lbs, 3.3 oz
Description: golden agouti with two brown patches and a brown belly


Meet the Piggies: Morry


Name: Morry
Age: 4 1/2
Weight: 2lbs, 11-14 oz.
Description: brown and white Peruvian

Meet the Piggies: Sharky


Name: Sharky. Nickname for Charcoal
Age: 3
Weight: whee think from 2lbs, 10-14 oz.
Description: solid black Standard Self

Meet the Piggies: Coppy


Name: Coppy
Age: turned 6 in February
Weight: ranges from 2lbs, 9-13 oz.
Description: tricolored Abyssinian with patches of white, brown, and golden agouti fur



Hello all! Whee are a herd of guinea piggies hailing from sunny California, also known as the State of Perpetual Year Round Forages and Veggies. The Cali Cavy Collective is a name we all agreed upon because we are a collective of cavies from California.. and because we like alliterations. Whee have decided to start this blog to chronicle our pigventures, give humans a glimpse into our daily lives, and show the world how generally awesome all piggies are.

Stay tuned as we work to get everything up and running.. but for now, snack time! There is fresh timothy and orchard grass hay being given out and its always the most fun to dive in while its fresh.

The Cali Cavy Collective