Meet the Piggies: Peaches


Name: Peaches
Age: 10 months old
Weight: 1066 grams/ 2lbs, 5.6oz
Description: blonde and white Dutch with four white socks
Favorite foods: grass, wheatgrass, romaine lettuce, parsley, blueberries, cucumber
Hobbies: inhaling grass on the lawn, eating like a madpig, napping in her bunk bed, showing her competitive side with the Egg-cersizer


Story: Peaches' favorite activity quickly became clear - eating! Never one to pass up a crisp leaf of lettuce, Peaches can often be found chowing away long after her cagemates have retreated into their cozies in piggy food comas.

Coincidentally, she happens to be the most friendly and sociable towards people - most likely because she has determined that the nicer she is, the more treats she receives. When Peaches is not stuffing her piggy face, she can be found snoozing in a bunk bed well out of Truffle's grumpy reach.

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  1. my guinea pig looks exactly like peaches and she is 3 months old! her name is Josie I also have one named lancer