Ask Alice: One Guinea Pig or Two?

Answering your guinea pig care questions.

Guinea pig friends Abby-Roo and Revy
"I would like your opinion on owning just one guinea pig. I have lots of time to spend with the little fella, but I don't know if I could afford to have two."
Hi Nikki,

For us humans, the saying goes that two's company but three's a crowd. When it comes to guinea pigs the adage changes - two's company but three's a herd. The short answer is: guinea pigs truly benefit from having a cage mate so I'd certainly encourage you to adopt two cavies instead of one if you can manage it!


Guinea Pig Wedding Cake Toppers

Guinea pig wedding cake toppers

It's official!

Last week, Mike and I tied the knot in an intimate outdoor ceremony on the shores of a mountainside alpine lake. The brilliant turquoise water glowed as the clouds rolled by overhead. We felt lucky to have gotten married in such a magnificent place.


Adopting Poof - An Abby with Attitude

Sleepy guinea pig Poof

Today officially marks four years since Poof scampered her way into our home and our hearts.

In 2010, we visited Bunny Bunch SPCR's Expo with the intention of learning more about rabbit care. At the time, we had four guineas already and were interested in adopting a rabbit (or two). While we did indeed learn quite a bit at Bunny Basics 101, we ended up falling in love with Poof's shy little face instead.


Guinea Pig Paw Prints Tutorial

Poof with guinea pig paw print keepsake

Forget baby hand prints... check out Poof's piggy paw prints!

As promised, here's our craft tutorial for making guinea pig paw print keepsakes. Instead of using a pre-made pet kit, this easy DIY project makes use of ingredients you most likely already have in your pantry.


Bay Area Pignic 2014

"So many guinea pigs. Everywhere, " exclaimed a girl to her brother as they peered at the furballs scampering around the pen. Herds of guinea pigs and their owners turned up to support the Bay Area Pignic last Saturday.


Guinea Pig Paw Prints Preview - Abby-Roo

Guinea pig Abby-Roo's paw prints 

Clay paw prints. I've seen premade kits sold for for babies, dogs, and even the occasional feline - but never for guinea pigs. So I figured I'd try making them myself.

After experimenting with a few DIY mixes I finally got a good set of imprints. Abby-Roo's came out particularly well. Even though she's no longer the smallest in the herd she still has the daintiest little piggy feet!

Anyone interested in a craft tutorial on how to make your own guinea pig paw print keepsakes?


Got Apples?

Guinea pigs Belka and Poof love to eat apple

Thanks to the drought, the few apples we managed to grow this year were much smaller and more tart than usual. Not that the girls minded. The golf ball sized fruits happened to be just the right size for cavy consumption.