Bay Area Pignic 2014

"So many guinea pigs. Everywhere, " exclaimed a girl to her brother as they peered at the furballs scampering around the pen. Herds of guinea pigs and their owners turned up to support the Bay Area Pignic last Saturday.


Guinea Pig Paw Prints Preview - Abby-Roo

Guinea pig Abby-Roo's paw prints 

Clay paw prints. I've seen premade kits sold for for babies, dogs, and even the occasional feline - but never for guinea pigs. So I figured I'd try making them myself.

After experimenting with a few DIY mixes I finally got a good set of imprints. Abby-Roo's came out particularly well. Even though she's no longer the smallest in the herd she still has the daintiest little piggy feet!

Anyone interested in a craft tutorial on how to make your own guinea pig paw print keepsakes?


Got Apples?

Guinea pigs Belka and Poof love to eat apple

Thanks to the drought, the few apples we managed to grow this year were much smaller and more tart than usual. Not that the girls minded. The golf ball sized fruits happened to be just the right size for cavy consumption.


Farewell, Beloved Peaches

Happy Peaches

It is with a heavy heart that I write to share that Peaches has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. Our feisty, stubborn little pig bravely fought malocclusion for over three months.

From an early age she made clear her love of food - especially romaine. There was a period of several weeks where baby Peaches wouldn't quit wheeking until she was given her favorite veggies. Not green lettuce, red lettuce, Boston lettuce, or any other type of greens. It had to be romaine or the wheeking wouldn't stop. Thankfully her enthusiasm soon expanded to include other foods.


Join us for the 2014 Bay Area Pignic

Bay Area Pignic 2014 Small Animal Rescue Fundraiser

Mark your calendars! This year's Bay Area Pignic will be held on Saturday, September 13 at Linda Vista Park in Cupertino.

For those who haven't had an opportunity to attend one of these events, pignics are a gathering where guinea pigs and their families come together to socialize. Picture a picnic lunch in the park while your guineas snack beside you on the grass. Multiply that scenario by a few dozen and you have a pignic! If you're as fond of these creatures as I am, it is an event not to be missed.


Pig Sized Pillows

Abby-Roo pillows 

Some time ago I found a woodland creatures themed fleece pattern and sewed a couple of pillows for the pigs to use. Initially, the girls were duly unimpressed. "Is this edible? No. Well, then is it a cozy? Hmph, too small."


Happy 4th! Fireworks Safety Tips For Your Guinea Pigs

Fireworks safety tips for your guinea pigs

Abby-Roo says Happy Independence Day! While you're out enjoying the festivities, don't forget about your piggies. Like many other pets they have sensitive hearing and can easily be spooked by fireworks, car alarms, or other loud noises.