Glass vs. Plastic Water Bottles For Your Guinea Pig

Why Your Guinea Pig Needs A Glass Water Bottle

Plastic or glass? When it's time to choose a water bottle for your guinea pig, go for the glass! Yes, glass water bottles may cost a bit more but are worth the extra. Here's why.


Floor Time Foraging

Spilled Pellets

Floor time happens to be a prime opportunity to cause mischief... or so the pigs believe.
Our usual routine is to change the cage while they stretch their legs and look for opportunities to cause piggy trouble.


Guinea Pig Forages: Dandelion Greens & Flowers

Dandelion greens are a favorite with many guinea pigs but did you know they can also eat the flowers? Provided the dandelion plant is from a clean, pesticide free location where other animals do not frequent, cavies can munch on the leaves, flowers and stems.


Guinea Pig Hay Storage

Guinea pig hay storage - wicker laundry bin

Chances are that as a guinea pig owner, you are undoubtedly familiar with the sight of hay being scattered all over the place. (Unlikely locations I have discovered hay: my handbag, the shower, the vegetable drawer of the fridge, an airplane seat, and between the pages of a book.) This holds true especially if you buy hay in large quantities such as flakes or bales, as people with several cavies are likely to do.


Hay Box for One

Abby-Roo Hay Box

The empty cardboard strawberry cartons we get from the local market happen to be the perfect size for filling with hay. To encourage foraging I toss in a mix of timothy, orchard, and bluegrass.


Guinea Pig Speak: Ready to Go

As you get to know your pig's personality, you'll learn that each cavy has their own method of communicating. One time it pays to be attentive is during cuddle time - all the better to avoid a wet lap. My girls use a few common signals to get their point across when they're ready to go home.


For the Love of Pellets

Breakfast pellets

Likely as a side effect of having their timothy pellets rationed, the girls all love getting breakfast pellets. Having an unlimited hay bar is great and all, but hey... as the pigs believe, the more food the merrier.