Blueberry shaped food bowl

Blueberry food bowl for guinea pigs

Our humans stopped by Sur La Table this past weekend and stumbled across this blueberry bowl marked down to $7. Being the good piggy slaves that they are, they thought it would make a cute food bowl for us.

After testing it out with wheatgrass and lettuce we must say that we concur. Not to mention it goes along quite well with our carrot and lettuce shaped food bowls.

Emptied food bowl has been given the piggy stamp of approval


  1. Excellent work, piggy slaves.

  2. What a sweet bowl! Love the photos. We will have to look out for a nice bowl for Mima but I don't think he cares what bowl the veggies come in! My brother is very greedy... BOL

  3. Gemma, I doubt Mima cares what his bowl looks like either WOL ..as long as the bowl comes filled with veggies! Empty is another story.

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