Guinea Pig Bedding: Using Fleece and U-haul Furniture Pads

guinea pig alternative beddings review fleece and furniture pads

You would think that the words "cavy" and "U-haul" don't belong in the same sentence. Lately we've been trying out washable U-haul furniture pads with our usual fleece bedding arrangement and have been quite pleased with the results. When used as a cage liner underneath the fleece and towels, this unexpected material helps to reduce odor while extending the length of time between changings.

how to use fleece bedding in your guinea pig cage

According to U-haul, the blanket-like furniture pads are made from recycled denim fabric. Each 68" x 85" pad cost about $8. They shed the first few times in the wash so we keep them separate from the other pig laundry. Above, Revy demonstrates how we've been using them as an additional layer for urine absorption.

In our previous routine both cages needed to be vacuumed daily and changed every 2-3 days. With the furniture pads we were able to extend cage changing to once every 5 days, provided we replace the quickly soiled hay rack area with clean fleece halfway through. Strategic relocation of favorite pigloos also helps to keep poops from piling up in one corner.

So far they have been working great! Has anyone else tried these out?


  1. I have heard great things about them, but have not tried them myself. I will have to keep it in mind, if I ever switch to all fleece.

  2. Just wondering why you use towels. I find they get very soggy. We use fleece with newspapers underneath. The urine wicks through and the newspapers absorb it. Then if you move the pigloos round the damp batch of paper will actually dry off. You can also turn back the fleece and remove sections of newspaper at any time in order to clean the worst areas. We have friends collecting newspapers for us instead of putting them in the recycling.

  3. Question, do you just layer the fleece, towel and uhaul pad? How do you keep them together?

    1. I layer the fleece over the towel and uhaul pad, then fold the extra fabric over the coroplast and tuck it underneath.

      The C&C grids go on top of everything and keep it in place. You can see pictures of what it looks like here:

      Hope that helps!

  4. How do you wash the furniture pads? Like, what temp. water/ rinse cycle? The same goes for drying. If anyone could direct me to a tutorial or just tell me, that'd be great(:

  5. We wash the furniture pads separately on warm/warm, color cycle and dry it on regular. You can also air dry it if you have a second set.

    It does shed a bit each time, but we've had a pair for two years that hasn't needed to be replaced yet.

  6. I'm a new guinea owner and am wondering can you just use the uhaul pads?

  7. The short answer is no - it can be used as an absorbent layer underneath fleece if you opt to use fleece bedding, but not on its own.

    If you're new to fleece bedding and guinea pig care, here's a guide you may find useful. That should help to answer your question in more detail.


  8. Can we just use the fleece and the the furniture pads and omit the towel? When I buy my fleece do we have to double the fabric or can we use on layer of fleece without sowing it?


  9. Yes you certainly can. The fleece doesn't need to be double layered - it's only there to wick moisture away to the absorbent layer underneath, effectively preventing wet pig bums. No sewing necessary either (unless you want to make cage liners). I find it easier to wash and dry separately because fleece, towels and furniture pads all dry at different rates.

  10. Thank you Alice! I love all your posts they are super helpful! Thank you 😊

  11. Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you and your piggies find them helpful :)