Guarding the food

Guarding my food

Revy demonstrates her method of keeping food secure from other poaching piggies. Here is her three step process:

Step 1 - Select VIV (sort of like VIP, except it stands for Very Important Veggie) to protect. Try to limit yourself to one, because sleeping on more than one food item becomes lumpy and uncomfortable. Also, it becomes difficult to defend more than one VIV.

Step 2 - Stretch out and arrange self over VIV, making sure to cover as much as possible

Step 3 - Proceed to sleep.* Enjoy warm snack upon awakening!

*Optional: sleep with eyes open to ward off potential poachers.

"This is MY snack!"

Post-snack nap retreat in my pigloo.
Observe how I have dangled my cute paws outside as bait for treat-wielding humans.

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