Begging for wheatgrass

When whee don't get to go outside and graze on the lawn, wheatgrass is the next best thing! All of us love eating wheatgrass. So when our humans bring us some, whee can't help but stand up, wave our paws, beg, and try to be as cute as possible so they give large amounts to us, with all due haste!

Peaches stands up on her hind legs and puts her front paws up on the fleece walls as high as she can go. She keeps moving them around because she's so excited, she can't stay still. If you look closely, you can see her cute piggy teeth and tongue! Poof can be seen in the background eating already.

On the other hand, Revy prefers to stand up and wave her paws around - as if to say, "keep them coming!". You can see the patch of white fur on her tummy, our humans love this!

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