Munchings and adventures at the capital


Here's photo highlights from the Cali Cavy Collective's adventures in our nation's capital, Washington D.C.! (Please click to enlarge any pictures you find of interest, the small icons do them no justice.)

Virginia is our sort of place, they even named this lovely tree lined street "Guinea Road" to honor all piggies! It was one of the first things whee saw, no joke! Whee begged our humans for our own personal "Guinea Road" street sign, but to no avail. Because apparently that would not be legal. Piggy sighs. Such a pity, that would have looked perfect hanging on the side of our cage, and been such a lovely souvenir.

Our first stop (aside from food and bathrooms of course) was at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond. We stopped by specifically for the Faberge Revealed special exhibit, which combined the VMFA's permanent collection with pieces loaned from other U.S. collections to showcase over 500 exquisite pieces. Our girl slave minored in Russian at university, and is quite the Faberge enthusiast, so this stop was a must for her! Sort of like how grassy lawns are a must for us piggies.

These are our favorite eggs that were on display, all are imperial eggs with the exception of the Nobel Ice egg.

Imperial Napoleonic Egg 1912

the surprise

the back of the screens

Nobel Ice Egg, aka Snowflake Egg

closeup - the intricate design resembles frost

Peter the Great Egg 1903

Imperial Red Cross Easter Egg 1915
 We also enjoyed the House of Faberge plant and flower studies. This famous piece, known as the Lilies of the Valley Basket, was quite stunning. The leaves were so detailed and lifelike that we got hungry just looking at them! If only there was a salad studies piece... except museum security might not be too pleased if we tried to eat it, so perhaps its all for the better that there was not one present.

Lilies of the Valley Basket

 This tiara was also breathtaking, and was created using the diamonds given to Josephine by Tsar Alexander I after her separation from Napoleon. Perfect for diva piggies *COUGH certain chunky abbys COUGH* Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "dripping with diamonds", doesn't it?

Empress Josephine tiara
 There was also a beautiful selection of animal studies on display. Whee are sorry to report that while there was a menagerie of animals featured, no cavies were present. The closest thing was this carved agate rabbit with ruby eyes.

This was our other favorite animal studies piece. If you look closely, the collared dogs are facing a small frog. The periwinkle blue sunburst enamel on this piece was especially striking.

A beautiful red and white enameled wall clock, framed by silver lilies of the valley on the bottom and a bow with curling ribbons up top. Even the watch hands are in themselves a work of art.

By the time we and our humans made it to Washington D.C. it was quite late. But nightfall didn't stop us from seeing the sights! Before they adopted us our humans lived in D.C. for a time, so they took us around to see some of their favorite places.

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Girl slave reflecting at the World War II Memorial and Washington Monument

Well that was a pretty long post, whee are now very hungry. Off to have a late night snack, will share more tomorrow - including our visit with rock cavies at the National Zoo!


  1. Want them all!

    There is a Faberge guinea pig in the Royal Collection in London. My stated ambition (if ever in Buckingham Palace) is to pinch the pig, and a Corgi- I love corgis.

  2. !!!

    Whee must implore our humans to visit London sometime soon then! A Faberge piggy! So very excited!