Our C&C fleece cage home upgrades

Whee guinea pigs got upgraded from our previous cage setup this week, and have been enjoying exploring our new home. Yes, it's true: the bigger your piggy's cage, the healthier and happier he/she will be! We agree that it is now mansion sized, but we are still waiting on a more palatial upgrade. Can you spot us in the pigture above?

Currently we have a 3x7 C&C grid ground floor with a 2x3 grid loft upstairs. It is about 32 square feet downstairs plus 9 square feet upstairs, which is roughly the size of the average New Yorker's apartment. Or so our humans tell us. Those New Yorkers must give a lot of space to their pigs.

This gives us lots of room to eat, sleep, play, run laps and stretch out our piggy feet! Incidentally, it also gives the humans more area to vacuum during their nightly spot cleaning.

Excuse the poops, my piggy slaves must be running behind schedule

Exploring sure makes a piggy hungry!

Belka (orange), Peaches (yellow), Truffle (lime green), Revy (red).
Poof is hidden behind the vertical hay rack

To learn more about using fleece bedding in your guinea pig's cage, read:
Part I - Basic Overview and Benefits
Part II - Selection and Preparation


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  3. Where do you get your cages from +calicavycollective .
    I have no idea where to get them and my piggies Muffin, Poppy and red are all squished up.

    1. Hi Muffinlover, I made the cages out of coroplast and grids.

      http://www.guineapigcages.com/ has detailed tutorials and DIY guides showing how to make your own custom C&C cage. The sidebars on the left are very informative and have all the info you'll need.

  4. Hey Muffinlover! You can get the cage squares at Bed, Bath and Beyond! Remember to pack the 20% off coupons!

  5. Whee are so totally jealous!!!!! Ben and James Thompson