DIY guinea pig toy: cardboard box hideaway

The simplest toys can make your guinea pig happy. Here's an easy DIY hideout any cavy is bound to enjoy. Finally, a use for all those extra cardboard boxes!


  1. Cut off top flaps
  2. Remove all potentially chewable materials (labels, packaging tape, stickers, etc)
  3. Cut doorways, windows, or even a skylight
  4. Place in your pig's cage or floor time area. Watch them explore!

Plus they can still be recycled after your piggies have trashed them.


  1. I love the photos, with noses peeking out everywhere. :-)

  2. This looks like splendid fun, wheee have ordered Mummy to make us similar tunnels. Who cares that she needs the boxes for posting presents, it is all about the peegs.

    Wah ha ha ha ha ha

    Field Marshall Boomer

  3. Attn Field Marshall Boomer

    It is ALWAYS about the peegs. You should tell your Mummy that presents are overrated, unless they are for peegs. #OccupyBoxes