Keep your cavies warm in winter

Just a friendly reminder to keep your guinea pigs warm and dry indoors during the chilly winter months! Guinea pigs are particularly susceptible to upper respiratory infections (URIs), which can result from exposure to cold damp environments - such as soiled bedding or being kept outdoors/in the garage.

As an extra precaution, our humans drape a spare piece of fleece bedding over the tops of our cages at night and use binder clips to secure them in place. This not only serves as a buffer against any drafts, but is also fun for us to run around underneath, like a large piggy tent!


  1. Mummy uses a duvet over our cage to keep us snug and toasty.

    We do not know what she uses over the boar cages- who cares about the stooooopid boys.

    Starbuck and Boomer

  2. That sounds cozy! We are sure she keeps your boar friends/acquaintances/arch nemeses warm as well.

    It is nice having properly trained piggy slaves, isn't it?