Truffle's baby pigtures

Pigtures of Truffle when she was a baby - she is about 2 to 3 months old in these snapshots. How times have changed!

Of course, even back then freshly picked grass was one of her favorite foods.

Truffle was always the smallest of all of us younger pigs (which at the time consisted of her, Belka and Peaches). Her paws were so tiny!

Here is Truffle now, on the couch with our humans during cuddle time. She is presiding over the discarded remains of a recently devoured green bean. Truffle does not like the peas as much so she leaves them behind, she prefers to eat only the outer pod. 


  1. The cute has left me speechless except for squeaking and cooing.

  2. She is so cute! I love the little crested piggies. Thanks so much for sharing these adorable photos. :o)

  3. Mopsy, baby piggies often have that effect on people, especially our humans.

    Pencils and Paint, glad you enjoyed the pigtures!