Cage changing shenanigans


Belka is quite the adventurous little guinea pig. She is always the first of us cavies to survey new terrain, search out any barrier weaknesses, exploit said weaknesses in her bids for freedom, tunnel her way underneath fleece bedding and generally come up with novel ways to outsmart our slaves.

Needless to say, it came as no surprise to anyone when she managed to slink out of the cage during a cleaning. The fearless explorer even discovered a wayward sprig of parsley. Luckily for our humans, Belka likes to talk and chut while exploring so she is not difficult to locate!



  1. Time to go 'sploring! My pig Eclair was like that. I miss having such an adventurous pig in the house.

  2. Eclair is a brilliant name for a guinea pig.

    Mr Woody likes to make noises while exploring, Boomzilla is silent and deadly- a tiny little dutch piggy ninja.

  3. PaintedThread, Eclair sounds adorable. Of course, Bertie is sort of adventurous too if you count her hay rack acrobatics.

    Mopsy, Boomer is probably too busy plotting evil peegy plans to talk!