Chubby cheeked Revy


Regularly weighing in at over 1310 grams (2 pounds, 14.2 ounces), Revy can definitely be considered a full figured guinea pig. Just look at those chubby cavy cheeks! At her size, she is probably more in the reasonable weight range for a boar.

On an unrelated note, Revy likes to keep the fleece hut in the background upside down. For some reason she prefers to sleep on it when it has been upturned, instead of the usual right side up. Perhaps she finds it more cozy. After all, even piggies can be very particular about their sleeping habits.


  1. Goofy little (big?) pig.

    I love how opinionated they can be about cage decor! Things need to be exactly how they like it.

  2. Revy is the very picture of a perfect chubby pig!

    Mr Woody often turns over his Pigloo- in his case it is a sign he is in a strop because I dared to go to work or because his Mummy has not picked him up.

  3. PaintedThread, exactly - I often see pigs moving their pigloo clear across the cage if they are not satisfied with the location it has been placed after cage changing.

    Mopsy, Woody is such a cuddly pig! Certain pigs here are the opposite and demand to go BACK to their cage when they are picked up for lap time.