Poof's Spay Incision Healing: 1 month photo log

These pictures show Poof's guinea pig ovariohysterectomy (spay) surgery recovery progress. This set documents days 8-26 post operation, for days 1-6 see earlier post here.

Warning: this post contains mildly graphic images so if you are squeamish then we ask that you proceed with caution or skip reading this altogether.

These show the healing progress of the scab at her incision site.

We took Poof to the vet after she managed to remove two of the nine surgical staples on her own and started chewing at the scab. After checking her, he said that the incision is healing well and proceeded to remove the rest of them at 8 days (the usual length of time for staples to be kept in is 10-14 days). As you can see, the area was a bit raw afterwards.

Day 8
 By day 12 a lot of her scab had started to come off on its own.

Day 12, 11am

Day 12, 9pm

Day 15

Day 17

Day 21
This is the most recent picture of Poof's tummy. All of the scab is gone and her fur has started to regrow where it was shaved off prior to surgery.

Day 26

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