Carrying off the cucumber

It is no secret that we guinea pigs love cucumber and are possessive of our allotted slices. When presented with a serving our usual MO is to hold it in our mouths and carry it off to eat at a safe distance far away from the other pigs. Pigloos provide a good defense and make it strategically easier to fend off poachers whom have managed to finish their food first. However as you can see in the video, things don't always go according to plan..

Belka, who was already waiting at the wall, received her slice first and promptly beat a hasty retreat into the farthest pigloo. Wanting to be next, Peaches climbed the grids and grabbed her piece but had to keep moving to avoid the furry mob. Poof happily snatched up her portion but mistakenly ran into the pigloo being occupied by Belka, who immediately let loose with high pitched squeals of complaint. Truffle nearly repeated Poof's error but sensibly decided to take her chances in a secluded corner instead.


  1. The little Truffle paw on the cucumber slice and Poof looking puzzled!

  2. Never bring your goodies near another pig. It's just a bad idea!