Food bowl tricks

"Waiter, I have been waiting for a whole half minute!"

We pigs have learned to recognize the clinking of our food bowls as a signal that dinner is about to be served. The sound never fails to bring us scampering from our pigloos and cozy hideaways. Belka and Revy show us their signature food bowl maneuvers.

Revy is usually so enthusiastic about meals, she tips her carrot-shaped bowl on its side and shoves her whole head in the trough. This ensures maximum eating efficiency so no precious time is wasted lifting her head up and down. She simply eats and chews with her head inside the bowl. Good thing piggy salads don't have dressing on them.

Belka has taken this trick to the next level. By planting her paws on the edge of the bowl, she tilts the entire thing towards herself, ensuring that everyone else is forced to go after the leaves that have fallen out while she gorges herself unencumbered.

Luckily for the other pigs, Belka is often too lazy to hold the bowl up for long, so everybody gets a fair chance.

The face of a piggy who loves eating dinner

Do your pigs have any food bowl tricks? 


  1. Abercrombie had a great one, of pulling the dish to the hidey house, then tipping it up, so only she could eat from it. Pandora would be left outside the house, complaining bitterly at Abercrombie.

  2. My pig Jaina does the same as Revy, until her sister Wendy comes over and bops her on the bum to scare her into dropping the bowl. And the story about Abercrombie is too funny! What a wily little pig :)

  3. LOL poor Pandora! How clever of Abercrombie.

    Lora, my pigs could use a trick from Wendy's book in such situations :)

  4. My Dunya had a trick similar to Abercrombie,
    She would just pull the bowl from under the other piggies noses. You can see in this video how she did that:

  5. btw, I love the bowls, where can you buy them?

  6. Mikey, Dunya was adorable in the video. I recognize Lotje from earlier Undercover Pigs posts, clearly she didn't want to give any of the pellets up lol.

    The food bowls are sold in most pet shops here, but they can also be purchased online. Here are the links: