Red or green bell peppers for guinea pigs?

Bell peppers are a great vegetable to include in your guinea pig's diet - they are high in Vitamin C and low in calcium, which makes them a good choice especially for pigs who are prone to bladder stones. When given a choice between red or green though, which is the better pick?

According to GuineaLynx charts, both red and green bell peppers contain the same amount of calcium (9 mg in every 100 gram portion). However, red peppers contain more than double the Vitamin C when compared to their green counterparts (190 mg versus 89.3 mg), making them the preferred choice. Preparation is simple - wash thoroughly, cut away and discard the stem, then slice into pieces or strips. Make sure to remove the seeds, which present a choking hazard.

Our humans found a red bell pepper almost as big as Truffle at their local produce stand. Truffle is the smallest guinea pig in our herd, but whee were nevertheless suitably impressed by the size of this capsicum. Needless to say, it made a delicious complement to our salad dinner.

Truffle enjoys being petted, secure in the knowledge that the giant vegetable is on the dinner menu

GuineaLynx - Vitamin C Chart
GuineaLynx - Calcium Chart


  1. The photos really make the article. Truffle Rocks!

  2. Glad you liked it, Truffle sends her thanks!

  3. Red pepper is a particular favourite of Boomzilla.

    Truffle is such a cute piggy!