Baby Belka & Peaches popcorning

In this short clip you can see baby Peaches and Belka's reactions to their first ever C&C cage. They were about three months old and absolutely thrilled to be given a larger space to live in. So much room for piggy shenanigans! Incidentally, this was also our humans first foray into using fleece bedding and building a C&C cage. In those days Belka, Peaches and Truffle shared a 2x3 with a 2x2 loft upstairs.

If you listen closely you can hear Belka squeaking while they both scamper around popcorning with joy. Aside from the chunk factor, not much has changed - Belka still enjoys talking to herself when shes on the move, and Peaches is still overly fond of romaine.


  1. I love that crazy, seizure-looking popcorning (once I realized it's not an actual seizure). I miss the jubilance of young piggies. It's always a thrill to catch a piggie in full-popcorn.

  2. I always thought Belka's popcorns were different - the movement seems to be mostly concentrated with her head, rather than a full body leap in the air. I miss it nonetheless, nowadays they are more likely to sprint around the cage.