2012 Bay Area Pignic


The Bay Area Pignic was great fun for both piggies and humans alike. Guinea pigs of all shapes and sizes munched on grass, snoozed in the shade or tucked themselves in hideaways while their owners socialized nearby. Conversations about grooming and boar cleansings could be heard at the nail trimming station while talk of everything from bedding to favorite foods to cages and health topics abounded. Errant wheeks and the familiar sound of pig protests punctuated the air.

We set up a small enclosure for Revy and Abby-Roo under a portable sun umbrella (instant shade!). Unaccustomed to the unfamiliar environment, Revy was relatively well behaved and even managed to keep the people chomping to a minimum.

One of the highlights of our day was meeting pigs and their owners whom we have previously only seen online. We met Lora, her husband and their three adorable pigs (cuddly Fergie, squirrel cutie Jaina, and fluffy Wendy) shortly after setting up - shout out to Lora! Perhaps we can gather up all our bladder inflammation prone girls and go to the vets together, maybe Dr. Nakamura will offer us repeat patients a group discount rate ;) The famous Gin Gin also made an appearance. We really enjoyed sitting with her piggy parents. Gin Gin's mom Brenna cuddled Revy (who chewed on her only twice or so) while Gin Gin herself fell asleep in my lap. The piggy dads stood nearby eating food from the BBQ and commiserating about how manly they looked.

The fresh air and endless supply of grass made diva pig Revy antsy after a while. When she started taking it out on Abby-Roo, we gave her some space and brought Abby-Roo to the communal sows pen. Energetic little Abby-Roo was thrilled and zoomed around visiting all the other pigs. She even managed to abduct a piece of cucumber from the community salad pile.


Several cuys were also at the pignic. We had the pleasure of meeting 5 lb Paula Bunyan and darling Tulip, a 4 lb gray and white abby mix.


And of course, a pignic wouldn't be complete without a raffle drawing and costume contest. There were a number of creative contestants including a bumblebee, jack o lantern, Western cowpig, Girl Scout, be-horned devil pig, bathtub pig, tiara crowned queen, and royal prince in a pig sized carriage. Abby-Roo and Revy joined in with their dairy themed costumes. The former was outfitted as a melted ice cream cone, the latter was suited up as a cow. Not a cowpig, but an actual Holstein cow complete with a mini cow bell (we thought it would complement her markings). We are proud to say that Abby-Roo won the costume contest!


As a bonus, the attending pigs were given goody bags filled with treats and hay. We had a great time at pignic and are already looking forward to next year's. Here's a big thank you to everyone who made it possible!

For more pictures, visit our full album.


  1. Sounds like a great day, the horrors and I are super jealous!

    Congrats to little Abby on her costume win, an idea of genius!

  2. Yay! I had wondered how the pignic went - I hadn't seen updates on the forum. It looks like it was a spectacular day.

  3. Thanks for sharing your excellent pictures! It looks like the weather was perfect for a pignic. I wish I could have been there. :)