Guinea Pig Forages: Dandelion Greens & Flowers

Dandelion greens are a favorite with many guinea pigs but did you know they can also eat the flowers? Provided the dandelion plant is from a clean, pesticide free location where other animals do not frequent, cavies can munch on the leaves, flowers and stems.

Seasonal availability: Peak season is late winter through spring but can be found year round.

How to pick: Look for those with crisp, brightly colored leaves. Spoiled greens have yellow, wilted and often slimy leaves.

Preparation: Wash thoroughly, making sure to remove any insects before feeding to your guinea pig.

In the Cali Cavy household, dandelion greens are always greeted with excitement. Proprietary food thievery, dramatic tug-of-war battles, and epic veggie beards inevitably follow.

The Piggy De-weeding Service was also called upon to take care of myriad dandelion flowers that had popped up on the backyard lawn. Truffle will only concede to eat the the stem, neatly snipping and discarding the flower, while Abby-Roo refuses to take even a nibble. Belka, Peaches, Poof, and Revy can be counted on to make quick work of the invasive weed. Of the crew, Peaches relishes the job the most.

In need of dandelion extermination? Just call 1-800-PEA-CHES.*

Do your pigs enjoy dandelion greens? How about the flowers?

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* Jk. This phone number is not affiliated with Cali Cavy Collective.


  1. Aww, so cute! I laughed at 1-800-PEA-CHES :)

  2. Steve used to love dandelion flowers too. xx

  3. Our piggies love them too, and we often have tugs of war with them!

  4. My Rufus LOVES dandelion greens, but he won't eat the stems or flowers. Go figure! xo Jennifer

  5. I love the extermination number. :-)

  6. Best video ever ! I didn't know they could eat the dandelion flower,mine just eat the leaves !!