Baby Belka

2-3 month old Belka

Soon after being adopted, spirited little Nutmeg earned herself the nickname "Belka", Russian for "squirrel".

Not only did she resemble a brown squirrel with her ticked agouti fur and perky ears, she also exhibited several squirrel-like mannerisms. Her energetic shenanigans and fondness for climbing anything within reach landed her in trouble on more than one occasion, especially when another grumpy pig roommate was nearby. Belka's light colored tummy, narrow snout and big button eyes only added to the overall impression.  

Today, Belka is no longer quite as twitchy as the average wild squirrel.. nor anywhere near as svelte. Now that her ears have drooped and she has packed on a bit of weight, she doesn't bear as much resemblance anymore - although she still has that adorable tummy.


  1. Oh! poke that belly! (and squeeze those sides)

  2. Belka has certainly gone from a super adorable little pup to a super adorable chunka munker.