Crazy cavy faces for mint

Lettuce and cucumber are well known guinea pig dietary staples, but have your cavies ever sampled mint? This common household herb can be fed in moderation as a treat.

Mint is one of Poof's favorite herbs, but sometimes the cooling sensation is too much even for her. She can often be spotted making crazy cavy faces while gobbling up entire sprigs at a time.


Belka, Abby-Roo and Revy also enjoy munching on mint leaves, but not to the same fevered extent that Poof does. Peaches usually consents to nibbling on a few leaves before heading over to the hay rack to wash down the strong flavor.


In contrast, Truffle can't stand the aromatic scent and flees in disgust whenever she finds mint in the vicinity. Her scrunched up nose and disgruntled expression say it all: no corner of the cage is far enough when mint is around!


  1. OMG, what ridiculous faces! I love it. :-)

  2. Haha, your girls crack me up! I love the funny faces pigs make when they eat. Poof's expressions are great!

  3. That's so cute! I like watching my piggy eat bananas and, if you listen really closely you can hear him smacking it. He makes funny faces too!

  4. My piggies love mint too, but I've never seen them make any of the hilarious faces the way Poof does. I must watch more closely in future!

  5. Cocoa and Truffle definitely have that in common haha! Hey, if it keeps her from holing up under the bed.. whatever works ;)

  6. Cocoa's totally like Truffle- normally, when I hold out a new food, she'd nibble it, and if she liked it, she'd finish it (and squeak for more), but if she didn't, then she'd just drop it. But when I held the mint in front of her, she ran all the way to the back of her cage, eyeing the mint in disgust. Cookie, seeing the look of disgust on Cocoa's face, refused to eat it. But she sniffed at it, (which I took as a plus then) and actually ran to snuggle up to Cocoa. Normally, Cookie would never do this as I only recently adopted her, and she was still wary of Cocoa, but this time, she actually did it, and Cocoa didn't respond so badly.

    I was thinking, 'Well, whenever Cocoa comes out for free roam, she always ends up under my bed, which makes me have to A) Bribe her out with food, or B) Crawl under and get her. But if I put the mint under my bed...'

    So I guess, maybe the mint won't end up disguised as little pellets of poop, it maybe could be a repellant for Cocoa.... Evil mommy. :)

  7. Can they eat any type of mint? I have a mint plant at home, but I'm not sure what type of mint it is..

  8. Yes, they can have any variety of mint. Bonus points for having organic on hand! Hope your pigs will enjoy it.