Corner casita from Piggiepopshop

guinea pig fleece house hideaway toys

While the piggies next door were busy with their cube house, Revy and Abby-Roo spent some time investigating the corner casita from Piggiepopshop. The adorable panda print suited the furry roommates perfectly. Black and white bears, black and white cavies, insatiable appetites, grumpy when provoked... close enough, right?

The corner cabin measures 10"L x 10"W x 8"H and comes with a removable pad that can be washed separately. Also included were clips to hook the sides to a C&C grid, creating a built in rooftop hammock. Both pigs were fans of the comfy fleece interior. Revy found the hammock feature quite satisfying when plopped upstairs and immediately settled in for a nap. Alas, the ever lazy Revy hasn't been motivated enough to climb in on her own yet but one can hope!

guinea pig fleece toys

This cube house was purchased from Piggiepopshop. Find out more by visiting their Etsy shop or Facebook page.


  1. Hey... I'm getting squished down here...

    That's a neat setup. I love that there's two levels to enjoy.

  2. I love the comparison of your pigs & pandas - it seems very fitting, indeed!

  3. Oooooo, this and the cube look lovely. What lucky pigs. I like how the corner casita hooks onto the cage- ideal for stopping pups using it as a football.

  4. I love her work. I ordered some cage liners from her.