What's in our fridge: Frisee

can guinea pigs eat frisee

We thought Truffle was a picky eater... until Abby-Roo came along. She spat out cranberries, made faces at basil leaves, bolted at the scent of bananas, and gave blueberries the occasional half-hearted nibble. Even classic guinea pig forage favorites like clover and dandelion flowers didn't tempt her into venturing outside her food comfort zone.

Frisée was a different story. Given Abby-Roo's previous reactions to being presented with new foods, we were delighted when she devoured the frizzy plant straight away.

Seasonal availability: This winter green can be found from fall through spring.

How to pick: Look for frisée with crisp, firm leaves and vivid color. The stump should be slightly browned. Avoid plants with limp leaves or a slimy texture.  

guinea pig frisee

A variety of endive, frisée is clearly a favorite with all six pigs. Even Abby-Roo approves!

To compare frisee with other guinea pig safe foods, view Guinea Lynx's Diet/Nutrition chart.

Are your pigs fans of frisee?


  1. So very cute! I can't believe she turned her nose up at banana...Fergie is our pickiest eater and even she likes bananas! I will have to try this for my pigs soon, thanks!

  2. I don't think my girls have ever had frisee. I will have to try it!

  3. We have endive that grows in our yard. I thought the pigs would turn their noses at it, but they could not eat it fast enough.

  4. Gosh, if even Abby approves... Well, I gotta try it out on Cookie!