Food bowl seesaw

Whereas Truffle, Peaches and Poof have resigned themselves to Belka's bowl tipping tactics, Abby-Roo has become an expert at reclaiming it from Revy.

Using her front paws, Abby-Roo climbs on the edge or scrabbles at the dish until she manages to bring it down. This doesn't stop Revy from trying to hog the food bowl as soon as she has finished her mouthful. Occasionally they end up playing a game of piggy seesaw - with the prize being lettuce, of course.


  1. Your videos always make me laugh, its funny to watch their little piggy faces!

  2. We play this game with our pellet bowl.....But Mommy always catches us because the bowl makes noise when it tips back onto the floor of the cage. Love, Ben and James Thompson

    1. Ben and James, good work! Whee approve of your pellet bowl misconduct.

      Love, Revy & Abby-Roo

  3. Aww what Cuties <3 .... I love them There such cute pigs xxx