How to Grow Wheatgrass Indoors for your Guinea Pigs

The first time I ran across wheatgrass while grocery shopping it never occurred to me to juice the blades as a drink for myself. Instead the thought that came to mind was, "I wonder if the piggies can eat this?"

GuineaLynx, the go-to resource for cavy health, confirmed that not only was wheatgrass safe for guinea pigs to eat but that it was also a common forage food. Being an excited piggy mom, I rushed back to the store. The wheatgrass was a hit and the pigs were hooked. Every wheeker I've had since has loved the treat. However, they weren't so fond of sharing the minuscule containers so I looked into growing it myself.

Can guinea pigs eat wheatgrass? Yes! How to grow wheatgrass for your cavy instructions

An easygoing green, there are many different ways to grow wheatgrass. I created this simple guide to illustrate the method that has worked best for me to satisfy six spoiled, grass-happy pigs. Poof was more than happy to help pose/eat.

Where to buy
  • Wheatgrass seeds - health food stores or from Amazon here
  • Growing trays - nurseries, garden supply stores, from Amazon here
  • Organic potting mix - nurseries, garden supply stores
  • Seed sprouting jar - from Amazon here, or DIY using a strainer

Tip: Buy seeds in bulk if you're planning on growing multiple trays. Compare prices in your local stores to find the most cost effective option. Previously I purchased 5 lbs for $11.70 online, which came out to $2.34/lb. Seeds from the bulk section of my local Whole Foods were $1.29/lb. 

If you need further clarification (step 8 may be confusing at first) there are numerous YouTube videos on the topic. I found this step-by-step demonstration particularly helpful (see 10:25 for step 8).

So, will you be giving wheatgrass growing a try? Let us know how your pigs like it!

*Edit: updated to reflect pricing correction.  


  1. Poof you are FABULOUS!!!!!! Love Ben and James.

    1. Sending piggy hugs to Ben and James! -Poof

  2. This has inspired me to grow wheat grass for Dusty, my piggy!
    P.S. Dusty is a huge fan of Poof and sends his regards

    1. Hooray, I hope Dusty will like it! Poof wheeks a big hello to Dusty :)

  3. Okay.. So if it can be grown indoors... I might just have to try it out :)

  4. I do this for my herd of sixteen piggies. But since I must have a huge amount of wheat grass I have simplified the method. The lids from plastic storage containers line up by a sunny window.soak seeds overnight or until sprouted,spread between two layers of paper towels. Keep moist and I have green healthy food all the time.