Peaches: 2 days after bath

"If you try to bathe me again, I will BITE you." -Peaches

Last Sunday an exhausting afternoon was spent on piggy related cleaning. First both cages were changed: bedding was replaced, hay racks were refilled, water bottles were cleaned, and bricks were hosed off. Six grumpy pigs were rinsed, bathed, and reluctantly blow dried against their will before being granted reentry into their cages.

Finally everything was clean. Even Abby-Roo's butt fur had been trimmed. The freshly washed peegs moped around sporting soft, sleek coats while plotting their revenge. Stain-prone Peaches couldn't allow her fur to remain immaculate for long.

Only two days A.B. (After Bath), rebellious Peaches managed to acquire a conspicuous purple stain across her snout. Being clean is overrated!

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, Peaches is determined to be slightly grubby-she still looks beautiful though.