How to Build a C&C Guinea Pig Bunk Bed

guinea pig C&C bunk bed

The newest additions to our C&C cage setup are guinea pig bunk beds. The pigs have quickly taken to their new furnishings with enthusiasm. Peaches enjoys using the top bunk as a retreat from her piggy sisters. Revy has become fond of snoozing in the lofty perch. Truffle can often be seen hopping upstairs for a nap while Belka springs up to sniff around for snacks. Meanwhile, Poof and Abby-Roo appreciate the privacy of the lower bunk.

We were inspired to make our own bunk beds after seeing these piggies. Since these standalone units don't take up much floor space, they're great especially if you don't have room for a loft. Best of all they're easy and quick to build, particularly if you have extra C&C supplies on hand. Here's a tutorial on how to build bunk beds for your own piggies.

cavy fleece bunk bed

  • 5 C&C grids, one preferably with shelving notches
  • 8 connectors
  • Zip ties
  • Coroplast
  • Fleece & towel/cage liner

  1. Assemble the C&C grids into a cube shape, leaving the front and bottom sides open. 
  2. Place the notched grid within the cube to form a shelf for the top bunk. Adjust the height as necessary for your pig. Ours are raised 4 squares off the ground but you can lower it to 3 if desired. 
  3. Secure the shelf with zip ties. Trim the ends off.
  4. Place coroplast on the top bunk. Layer a towel and fleece over the coroplast, then secure in place with binder clips. Alternatively, you can use a cage liner if you have one that fits. 
  5. Drape fleece over the top to form a canopy. Finish by placing your guinea pigs favorite cozies and cuddle cups on the bunks. Watch them retreat into their new hideaway! 

  • Leave favorite foods upstairs. This encourages cavies to use the top bunk. After I started hiding nibbles of cucumber there all six pigs learned very quickly. Food is a great incentive! Almost too good of a motivator since certain pigs now use the top bunk for sniffing out treats rather than napping. 
  • Provide a ramp if your pig absolutely refuses to hop up.
  • Keep clean in between cage changing by removing the fleece canopy and tipping it sideways to roll poops out. Move the entire unit to another area of the cage so pigs won't be getting their bottoms dirty by sitting in the same spot.    

Are you interested in building one of these for your pigs? 


  1. This is such a cute idea! I have a floating shelf remaining from the days I tried a second level, which instilled sheer terror in the hearts of all 3 of my pigs, so we are back to 1 level. But I left one shelf from the ramp/landing pad area in there and I put used cuddle cups there until laundry day. Fergie sniffs around and shows interest, but the others don't. I wonder if some extra treats could convince my 3 timid piggies to use a loft like this. I am pretty sure Wendy would love the chance to escape Fergie's extra love and snuggles from time to time!

    1. It's worth a try! I always use food when trying to teach them something new. They would ignore me otherwise!

    2. I once taught Dusty to go up and down the stairs with a carrot! I would let him run around the house and he would content him self with racing up and down them!

  2. can I ask one question how do you make a blog?

  3. Hi Stacey, I purchased the grids from Bed Bath and Beyond (link here http://wheek.it/egfbg). You can also find them on Amazon. Search for "grid wire modular shelving and storage cubes". I've also heard that you can find them at B&Q in the UK.

    Hope that helps!

  4. where do we get these things, especially for guinea pigs? i have googled this but cannot find it.i have an ordinary cage for my pigs but want it to appear more spacious to them.

  5. My pigs simply hop upstairs. You can also lower the upper level to three squares, or add a small ramp for them to walk up.

  6. How do the pigs get on the top bunk? Can they climb?