Cavy Toe Chompers

"What do you mean this isn't real watermelon?" -Belka

Floor time can be hazardous to your health when your guinea pigs have a lamentable habit of chomping on your toes.floo

Since the pigs' play area extends to the floor underneath my desk they often come prowling around for treats. After eliciting the customary yelp of surprise they give me a piggy look, as if to say "Well, it's not my fault your toes look like food".

Thankfully only Peaches and Belka share this fascination so there's merely a 1 in 3 chance of being nipped. Are your piggies toe chompers?


  1. Mine aren't, but I often tell them to go bite my boyfriend's toes when he's being fresh. They don't listen.

  2. Cute toes! None of ours are toe chompers which I am thankful for - I think Jason would accidentally kick them out of sheer surprise if they bit his toes.