Welcome to our new look!

Although I planned for the design to be more minimalist, I couldn't resist scattering a few blades of grass and beans... signs to give it that homey, piggy-lived-in feel. Having perfectly clean bedding - or background, for that matter - just didn't feel right!

Now the site should be easier to navigate. Under the "Categories" tab you can find topics such as Diet, Toys & Accessories, or Cage & Bedding. You can read stories about the pigs antics under Daily Piggy Life, while Medical links to posts about their various health experiences.

Share buttons to the left make it even easier to pin or tweet articles and pictures.

Meanwhile, the piggies' profiles can be located under the "About" tab.

Hope you enjoy the new layout!

"I'm exhausted. Can somebody please bring me a treat?" -Belka


  1. Wow, what a difference in look! When you compare it to the old skin in your pigture above, it's definitely a lot clearer to read.

    I like it, although I do miss your piggy pigture at the top of the page!

    1. I miss it too! Seeing a slideshow of happy piggy faces always brightened up my day.

  2. Well done! You did a great job. Love the beans. :-)

  3. Love it! You look so cute and comfy Miss Belka!