Poof's Butt Bath

"I get a treat now, right?" -Poof

Poof is one of those guinea pigs who benefits from periodic butt baths. For whatever reason her fur gets soiled more quickly than her cagemates' so the occasional partial wash helps to keep her piggy bottom clean and clump-free.

Although she isn't a fan of being soaped up she's gotten accustomed to these grooming sessions. After all, things could be worse - at least it isn't a full bath!

After her latest butt bath Poof was relaxed enough to stretch out both her legs. She even went so far as to allow a few piggy foot tickles. Either she was in an uncharacteristically patient mood... or she was simply glad that the sudsy ordeal was over.

Do your pigs ever get butt baths? If so, how often?


  1. Willow and Pippin had needed the occasional rump-dunk, especially when Pippin got arthritic, and couldn't clean herself. They had white butts, which showed all the dirt!

    Luckily, my other pigs have not required much bathing.

    1. "Rump-dunk", I love that!

      Abby-Roo can sympathize with the downsides of having a white piggy butt.

  2. Poof looks so cute stretched out there!

  3. I've used a warm wet wash cloth to clean the fur on Rufus' behind. He has long, silky fur on his rear, and sometimes the fur gets a trim too, so it doesn't get too dirty. xo Jennifer

  4. Good alternative! Certainly preferable to an actual butt bath.. for Rufus at least :) I use the same method to clean dirty piggy chins.