Guinea Pig Belka's Eye Injury

A closeup of our guinea pig Belka's injured eye.

On Monday evening I noticed an abnormal texture and faint clouding on the surface of Belka's left eye. Keeping in mind that eye injuries can result in permanent damage or eye loss if not treated promptly, we made arrangements to bring her to the vet as soon as possible.

The clouding progressed quickly. By the following morning her entire eye had taken on a gray hue, giving her the appearance of being a zombie peeg (right in time for Halloween). Thankfully Belka was still eating and pooping normally. Her symptoms included:

  • A cloudy left eye
  • The whites of the eye were red
  • Slight squinting
  • Being somewhat less active than usual.

At the vet, Belka underwent the usual routine of having her eye stained and flushed for the exam. Being the feisty pig that she is, she didn't make it easy for anyone. Three pairs of hands were needed to hold her in place due to her vehement headbutting attempts.

Since her injury was more severe the vet prescribed Metacam for pain and inflammation along with Ofloxacin antibiotic eye drops. Hopefully Belka will be back to her normal button-eyed self soon.


  1. Belka says most definitely, can't say no to a dashing ginger boar.

  2. The horrors and the boars say they hope Belka gets well soon. Harry says would a personal nurse (Sir Henry James Pearce) help?

  3. Oh poor little peeg :-( . Perky, Noah and I send her lots of get well soon wheeeks and wishes! xXx

  4. Oh, little precious! I'm so glad you got her to the vet right away! Hope she feels better soon. xo Jennifer