Return of the Cranberries

Cranberries! The pigs rejoiced at the return of their favorite seasonal holiday treat.

Belka, Peaches, and Poof ate with gusto. Truffle kept losing her half eaten berries and instead of rooting around, shamelessly pleaded for more.

Revy went so far as to snatch a cranberry straight from underneath Abby-Roo's belly. The only cavy who wasn't overjoyed was Abby-Roo, who remained duly unimpressed in the face of all the gleeful crunching. Not to say that she went treat-less... she was quite pleased to settle for a consolation prize of dried corn husks.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent! I love the video.

    This is Pinni's favorite time of year, too. Cannoli isn't quite sure about cranberries, but I hear her crunching them, too.

    Abby-Roo's reaction was immediate. What is this?!? I don't want it!