Paws Up

Food is the best motivator - which is why the pigs agreed to learn a new trick. Upon hearing the words "paws up" or seeing my hand out in front of them, they'll place their front feet in my hands in order to nab treats that remain just out of reach.

Truffle is the smartest about it, occasionally circumventing the maneuver entirely by opting to stand on her hind legs instead. Just giving everyone a glimpse of piggy tummy is enough to warrant a reward. You can also see in the video that Revy is (grudgingly) in the process of learning the circle trick. True to form, she's prone to nipping if I get too close to her chin.

Peaches and Belka have gotten very efficient at collecting their edible bribes, while Abby-Roo is camera shy and refuses to perform in front of the camera. Personally though, I think Poof makes the cutest faces. Her expression says that she is one pleased peeg.

The only downside is that now they go after my free hand during cuddle time - you can actually see Poof headbutting my hand at 3:30. They're convinced I have tasty morsels hidden somewhere just out of reach. Not always! Sorry to disappoint, girls.


  1. I wish I could 'beam over' to California to give all of your cute piggies a cuddle, or few!

  2. I love you how you treat your guinea pigs and give them variety in their live! And I´m sure your piggies are very happy to learn new tricks.
    PS: I´m sry for my bad english, but I´m out of school for years..... ;)

    Greetings Doro

  3. oh wow my guinea pig gives kisses!i will definitly try that one though
    directions for guinea pig loving
    1: make kiss face
    2:hold food for them
    3:make t sounds and say kisses while they can see the kisses face
    4:give them food and kiss them on the nose
    5:reapeat soon they will remember what you want and kiss you when you do the kissy face and t sound your welcome!

    My gin gin loves when i dress her .she is named Butterscotch!

  4. how do u teach them to do it?