Dinnertime Madness

Leafy Hat

The pigs are in firm agreement with the proverb, "keep your friends close and your food closer."

It goes without saying that during the madness of dinnertime, you can't afford to wait politely for your share - a sentiment that all the girls wholeheartedly agree with. 

Occasionally things get so spirited that food will end up being flung into the air as a result of forceful tug-of-war battles, landing on top of pigloos or on someone's face. Last week Truffle found herself modeling the latest accessory, the salad leaf hat. Hey, why not? It was functional and edible, the best of both worlds.

Does this ever happen to your pigs?


  1. LOL! My girls tend to wear hay. But I only have two, so there aren't enough pigs for a true free-for-all.

    I love the photo.

  2. Truffle the trend setter, lol!
    We often have a tug-of-war, but I've never seen this happen before with fresh food. Perky manages to get pieces of hay on his head, when he's looking for the tastiest piece though!