Glass vs. Plastic Water Bottles For Your Guinea Pig

Why Your Guinea Pig Needs A Glass Water Bottle

Plastic or glass? When it's time to choose a water bottle for your guinea pig, go for the glass! Yes, glass water bottles may cost a bit more but are worth the extra. Here's why.


  1. Easier to see if the bottle is in need of a refill.

  2. Easier to see food buildup. Pigs tend to spit food particles back into the spout.

  3. Sustainable and more environmentally friendly than plastic.

  4. Durable and longer lasting.

  5. Dishwasher safe.

  6. Fewer leaks.

  7. Glass is BPA-free. In recent years there has been consumer concern over potentially harmful BPA chemicals found in plastics.

  8. Some pigs prefer drinking from glass bottles. It's thought that chemicals found in plastic bottles can leach into water, changing the taste. 

We recycled our plastic bottles several years ago. The Cali Cavy pigs have been rattling away at their glass bottles ever since. Drink on! 

What type of bottles do your pigs have in their cage? Are you interested in making the switch?

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  1. Oh! Well I can't get my piggies one any way as I have never seen them in the shops

  2. Many of the glass water bottles for pet use are designed with thicker glass so they aren't as prone to breakage. But, whatever works best for you and your cavy!

  3. I only use plastic so when I drop it, it doesn't smash

  4. My piggie has a glass water bottle and he likes it MUCH better than plastic!

  5. I've seen them carried at a few independent pet supply stores in my area. Perhaps it's a local thing. Otherwise there's always Amazon.

  6. Plastic. I haven't seen glass. However, I will keep an eye out for some once my current bottle wears out.

  7. Sounds durable! I will definitely look into that!

  8. I haven't tried any of the other brands but mine are from Lixit. My girls have used them for several years and they've held up well.

  9. What brand would you suggest? I have two plastic water bottles for my three pigs (Cally and Oreo always want to drink water at the same time haha!), but they are starting to wear out and I want to switch to a couple of glass water bottles.