When Breakfast Is Late

Poof waiting for bell pepper 

Every morning, Poof and Belka are the first ones waiting at the cage doors. After all, it's common cavy knowledge that the early pig gets the treat. Or more of them, anyways.

The girls' usual breakfast menu consists of pellets, a side serving of bell pepper or tomato, then a main course of leafy greens - in that order. Woe betide the human who is late with any of the above. They get treated to a prime view of Poof's best grouchy face and accompanying chattering from Belka. "How dare the insubordinate cavy slaves get their own breakfast first... or heaven forbid, sleep in for an extra fifteen minutes!" Cue adorable piggy attitude from all around.

Do your pigs have a morning routine that they've come to expect (or demand)?


  1. Pellets, lettuce, then pepper. Occasionally my other half will server the lettuce first, then he gets confused when they still wheek and wheek afterwards. But they've been fed! Yes, but you forgot the pellets. It's not breakfast without both.

  2. Yes, we expect our morning pellets at 7:00 sharp. If mommy wakes up a bit late, a storm of wheeks greet her as she comes down the stairs.

  3. The human never gets its breakfast before the piggies in this house! That would be scandalous! :)