Breakfast with Revy

Breakfast with Revy

Chocolate. Popsicles. Toast. And now, add green smoothies to the list of foods that overly curious cavies have tried to sneak a taste of.

In my opinion, the best weekdays are those that start off with quality cavy time (however brief) before heading to work. Usually this is squeezed in while multitasking: eating breakfast, packing lunch, catching up on news, etc.

One recent morning, Revy took a keen interest in my green smoothie. After polishing off her own breakfast she sniffed the air, shuffled towards my cup, and tried to dip her snout over the rim. Not so fast - matcha isn't for pigs! Clearly the scent of spinach and banana was too tantalizing to ignore.

Accustomed to food-thieving guineas, I warded her off, earning an expectant look. Disappointed as she was at being thwarted, the smoothie fan was satisfied with her consolation carrot. Good enough!

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