Meet the Piggies: Belka


Name: Belka. Russian for "squirrel"
Age: 9 months old
Weight: 1000 grams/ 2lbs, 3.3 oz
Description: golden agouti with two brown patches and a brown belly
Favorite foods: grass, wheatgrass, pellets, cucumber, blueberries, grapes, radicchio, dandelion greens, oranges, corn husks
Hobbies: devouring grass in the great outdoors, running zoomies, scampering through the blinds, being mischievous, exploring unsanctioned areas, popcorning


Story: Belka was adopted along with her piggy sister Truffle. Her cagemates know to keep clear when she's in an energetic mood. Each one has suffered a Belka-induced collision at least once during their floor time adventures.

Belka greatly enjoys engaging in unapproved clandestine operations including but not limited to: exploring the forbidden area behind the couch, nipping people's toes, and chewing on inappropriate objects.

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