Meet the Piggies: Morry


Name: Morry
Age: 4 1/2
Weight: 2lbs, 11-14 oz.
Description: brown and white Peruvian
Favorite foods: grass, wheatgrass, carrot, carrot tops, pellets, herb salad mix, frisee, corn silks, parsley, celery leaves, oranges, fresh hay
Hobbies: grazing on grass outside, sleeping with his face in the food bowl, rumblestrutting, trailing behind Coppy during floor time, cuddling with people, bouncing around his cage


Story: Morry was a very people friendly pig. Upon seeing us for the first time, he merrily bounced up to the humans gazing at him and sniffed inquisitively, beseeching us to take him home with us. To make a long story short, we acquiesced.

As a long-haired guinea pig, Morry was quite particular about how he preferred his fur. Because his hair grew rather quickly a fair amount of time went into grooming, trimming, and styling his fur. Ever the patient piggy, Morry's grooming sessions made for wonderful human-pig bonding time.

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