Meet the Piggies: Sharky


Name: Sharky. Nickname for Charcoal
Age: 3
Weight: whee think from 2lbs, 10-14 oz.
Description: solid black Standard Self
Favorite foods: grass, wheatgrass, corn husk/green leaves, green beans, spinach, fennel, carrot tops, frisee, radicchio, red lettuce
Hobbies: mowing the grass, eating, climbing, snoozing in patches of sunlight, cuddling up to Cinnamon and anyone with a treat, camouflaging herself in the shadows


Story: Sharky joined our previous piggy family to keep Cinnamon company after her bonded piggyfriend Caramel passed away. She and Cinnamon took to each other very well. Wherever Cinnamon went Sharky was usually close behind.

Sharky's favorite lookout point was her wooden house. There she would blend into the shadows and monitor her humans without being seen until it was time for a snack.

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  1. I know why her name is sharky! It's because on the first picture,she's hiding in the grass like a shark hiding behing rocks! And she is grayish.