Meet the Piggies: Coppy


Name: Coppy
Age: turned 6 in February
Weight: ranges from 2lbs, 9-13 oz.
Description: tricolored Abyssinian with patches of white, brown, and golden agouti fur
Favorite foods: grass, clovers, carrot tops, green beans, corn silks, dill, broccoli leaves, watermelon, dried corn husks, grapes.
Hobbies: munching on grass, snoozing in cuddle cups, using other pigs as pillows, lounging in fresh hay under her favorite red castle


Story: Like Sharky, Coppy joined our previous piggy family as a companion for Cinnamon. Unlike Sharky, Coppy was not one to follow anybody around - even as a youngster, she was an Abby with attitude.

Coppy later developed a strong bond with Morry (although she didn't let that stop her from stealing his leftover lettuce). The two were often spotted napping side by side on opposite sides of the cage divider.

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