Cali Cavy Collective Celebrates Earth Day

Piggy representatives from the Cali Cavy Collective would like to raise awareness for and celebrate Earth Day, on April 22nd!

Earth Day was founded by a U.S. senator who saw the devastating effects of an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. His goal was to bring environmental issues into a more prominent position on the national political agenda. Earth Day is meant to raise public awareness for the environment and bring attention to environmental causes, such as the need to create a healthy, sustainable environment for future generations and the planet we all share.

The piggy representatives are planning to celebrate by consuming large quantities of fresh vegetables and cranberry juice, then creating lots of organic poops that would be excellent for compost and fertilization purposes. These guinea pigs support recycling and environmental sustainability!


  1. Aww this photo was from when they were still youngsters.. before Revy & Abby-Roo came around. I forgot how little they were!

  2. I just saw this linked from another post - so cute!! This is a great picture of the gang :)