Proverbs of Wise Piggies - piggy pearls of wisdom

Yesterday, whee were inspired by Sparty Pig (also known more formally as Spartacus), who was recounting some of his favorite piggy proverbs on Twitter. Growing up in a herd, whee have also heard more than our fair share of these *grumble grumble durr* so whee could think of quite a few of our own. Of course, everyone knows that humans have their versions, but a lesser known fact is that whee cavies have proverbs too! Whee decided to compile a list of piggy proverbs and sayings to share with you all. If anypig can think of more to add, you are welcome to send us an email to add to this list :) Enjoy!

You are what you eat
Slaves are a pig's best friend
Boars will be boars.
Better to have eaten and pooped than never to have eaten at all.
Two pigs are better than one.
A herd is only as strong as its hungriest link.
The squeaky pig gets the veggies
Hell hath no fury like a piggy hungered! *Durrrrrrrrrrr
The pig is mightier than the celery *chomp chomp chomp
You can lead a pig to water, but you can't make him drink
Beauty is only fur deep
The way to a pig's heart is through his stomach
His chatter is worse than his bite.
All for hay and hay for all!
Be kind to ani-pals.
When the human's away the pigs will play! *popcorns
The grass is always greener on the other side of the cage
It's no use durring over spilt pellets
Don't count your veggies before they are grown
A parsley saved is a parsley stolen
Little piggies have big ears
Two's company, but three's a herd!
A piggy is known by the herd he keeps
Food is the best medicine
Don't bite the hand that feeds you
Don't bite off more than you can chew.
The customer is always right? No, the piggy is always right!
Time and food wait for no cavy
All cavies are created equal
Pigs of a fur type herd together
He who lies down with chinchillas will rise with mold
Hay is the staff of life
When life hands you poops, make dinner.
A closed mouth catches no hay
A herd divided against itself cannot stand
From small beginnings come great piggies
It takes all kinds of piggies to make a world
Look before you popcorn!
One pig's vitamin is another pig's poop
Little bites fell great plants
Keep your cagemates close and your veggies closer
Life is like a bag of salad mix. You never know what you're gonna get.

More from the illustrious SpartyPig:
A piggle hug a day keeps da blueses away
The early pig noms all da parsley
Piggies in glass cages shouldn't throw poop
A pig on the shoulder poops down your back
Purr and da pig purrs wiv you, wheek an you get hugs from girl
Do not judge a pig 'till you has sniffed at him too

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