Belka's Tips for Escaping and Exploring

My escaping butt

A few days ago, my fellow piggy adventurer Sherlock (wheek at him @chewing_my_foot) asked me for some tips on going adventuring outside his play area. He successfully managed to wiggle out beyond his fence, but sadly, was discovered by his human and quickly whisked back behind cage bars before he could grab a single souvenir. Since I, Belka, am a Houdini-pig-in-training, I shall share some of the tips and tricks I have learned from the more seasoned explorer Coppy with you!

Belka's Tips for Escaping and Exploring
- As soon as you are placed into a new enclosure, immediately conduct a thorough scan of the perimeter. Make sure to check above as well as in corners.
- Exploit any weaknesses or gaps you encounter. This can be done with one of several methods, such as pushing, shoving with your head, lifting using your teeth, or simply wiggling through. Unless, like Peaches, your rear is on the wide side.
- Once you have made it through, act casual as if you are supposed to be gallivanting about, especially if any humans are nearby. This will deflect suspicion from yourself, and hopefully they will think you are part of the surrounding environment.
- Grab souvenirs quickly, before they realize you are embarking on your great adventure! My personal favorites include but are not limited to: papers, to-do lists, books, cardboard, wooden pencils, and the occasional stray piece of hay.
- Try to avoid squeaking or chutting while seeing the sights.
- If caught and returned to your enclosure, wait until the humans attention is elsewhere again before repeating steps above. Remember, humans are not as clever as us piggies!

I hope you have found this information useful to your future exploits. Go forth, fellow piggies, and conquer the world beyond the bars!

Innocently planning my adventure

Executing a pre-planned distraction maneuver

Returned to the playpen, but not without a souvenir!

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  1. You shouldn't have posted that! Now we will be escapinng!