Our new roommate Revy!


Our humans had quite a surprise for us after they returned this weekend from their drive to southern California - a new roommate! Whee haven't met her yet, but they told us the new piggy's name is Revy, and that she is a talkative black and white Abyssinian named after a pirate, or the sound a car makes when you step hard on the pedal. The humans said they adopted her from our favorite rescue organization, Orange County Cavy Haven, where she was being cared for by her foster family.

They're giving her some time to settle in and get used to her new home before introducing any of us. Apparently she is having fun sampling all the different veggies they give her to try.

One of her favorites is wheatgrass, just like us. Perhaps she will help us convince the slaves to make our cages out of infinitely regenerating fast-growing grass instead of fleece? But they assure us that whee will get to meet our new friend soon!


  1. What a sweetheart! Love her colors.

  2. So happy you found a great home that understands your need to test everything with your mouth Revy-chan!!
    xo- yer foster mom

  3. They can eat orange? I'm going to try it with Cocoa (she likes slightly sour fruits!)