Water Bottle and Brick

Today whee will be explaining our water bottle setup! Our slaves put these objects they call bricks underneath all of our water bottles to absorb any leaks or drips. That way our bedding stays dry. Bricks also have the added benefit of helping us wear down our nails so trimming is easier - on our front paws at least. We even have the option of laying on them to cool down on warm days.

Bricks are inexpensive and can be found at most home goods, construction supplies and hardware stores, such as Home Depot and Orchard Supply Hardware. Our humans bought us several at Home Depot for under $0.60 each.

Peaches and Poof demonstrate for us how they use this system below.

The water bottle and brick setup

Peachy drinking from the bottle while simultaneously filing the nails on her front paws!

Poof takes a turn


  1. I use a rock, but bricks would be a great new idea, maybe a little brick patio for the summer.

  2. Oh. When we got there they only had the regular brick.Thanks anyways!

  3. Nope. It's a slimmer brick that was available at Home Depot.

  4. Did you cut the brick in half?