DIY guinea pig toy: Hay tube treats

Hay-in-a-tube treat: oat hay on the left, timothy in the middle, and orchard grass on the right

Sometimes when our humans have extra cardboard tubes they make us hay-in-a-tube treats. They first got the idea from this useful list of ways to entertain your piggy.

Basically, they just take cardboard tubes (from paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls), remove all the excess glue and whatnot, then stuff them with hay. Our humans always stock timothy, orchard grass, and oat hay, so whee get three different types of hay in our treat rolls. Dispensing hay to us in a different manner makes it more challenging and entertaining for us, plus then whee get to throw the emptied tubes around with our teeth afterwards. Occasionally, they also stuff some wheatgrass in there, yum!

Truffle and Poof sharing a tube

Revy can't decide which she wants more, watermelon or hay tube

Peaches and Belka enjoying another tube

A word of caution: cut a slit down the center of the tube so overzealous pigs won't get stuck like Poof here!*

*No piggy models were harmed during the taking of this photograph. The tube was removed from her snout immediately afterwards.

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