Meet the Piggies: Revy


Name: Revy, short for Revy the Pirate. Also for her bubbly piggy vocalizations
Age: estimated 1 year
Weight: 1153 grams/ 2lbs, 8.7 oz
Description: black and white Abyssinian with a white eyepatch, white patches along her left side, and white-socked paws
Favorite foods: grass, red lettuce, romaine lettuce, carrots, radicchio, celery leaves, dandelion greens 
Hobbies: exploring uncharted territory, rearranging the furniture in her home, testing everything with her teeth, flipping her hay tub, moving her pigloo, running laps, producing gravity defying bean sculptures 


Story: Like Poof, Revy's origins are unknown. She was found wandering in an alley near Venice Beach and subsequently taken in by Orange County Cavy Haven. Our humans adopted her several weeks ago - driving eight hours each way in the process! She was given the name "Revy the Pirate" by her caring foster mom, who thought the name fit because of her white eyepatch and feisty personality.

After the past few weeks we have to agree that Revy has some serious Abby attitude. An example? The way she rearranges her furniture after cage cleaning. Revy delights in flipping her hay tub, bulldozing her food bowl, relocating the pigloo to her exact specifications... and creating poop sculptures as a sign of piggy rebellion. 


  1. Revy has always been my favorite. Gorgeous black and white fur pattern and such a great personality. Also, I really love all of the "Meet the Piggies". Great job on the website!

    1. Thanks Jenna! Revy sends her wheeks hello :)

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